Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Don't die of Shock!

I know you are all thinking about time you update your Blog! So don't die of shock I am going to try and be better at updating but I can't guarantee it!

Family Pictures!

We took Family Pictures in August when we went to Missouri Cause we were all together! Here are my favorites ones we took Over 500!

Family Vacation August 2011!

Family Vacation! We went to Missouri in August For 10 Days! For Harrisons baby blessing! On our way to Ashlee and Ben's house we stopped in Omaha Nebraska and did a few of the church History sites around there. In Missouri we did lots of Shopping went and saw Church History sites Around there. We went to the Kansas city zoo one day and had a Blast the Kids all loved it even the BIG kids!!! We went to Navuoo and had a blast there we also went to Carthage Jail while we were that close we Had fun! On our way home we stopped in Colorado springs to see Mike and Karia we went to a place called garden of the gods while we were there and that was fun just to run around the little kids enjoyed climbing on the rocks! Here are a few pictures of tons that we took!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Party in Roosevelt! Jessica and I were able to go to Roosevelt to hang out with all our friends up there it was alot of fun! We had dinner Played games watched a movie and went Hot tubbing we had a blast!!! All of us!
Bumble bee! (Trish)

Cow Girls! (Jessica and I)

Indians!(Tyler and Brad)

Raccoon road kill and Hillbilly! (Lindsay and Jason)

Halloween at work!


Missouri trip at the begining of October we had lots of fun!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My poor car...

My poor car... It happened on friday I was on my way home from work... I stayed at work late cause it was busy and I wanted to help them out. Well I was getting on the Freeway to head home well there was a car in front of me stopped at the meter and I stopped behind them and I was at a total stop and the truck behind me ran into the back of me because he was not paying attention... The reason he was not paying attention was cause he dropped his cigarette on his lap and he looked down to brush it off... Before I know it he smacked into me... Nothing Happend to his truck but a little scratch... I am doing good Have had a killer headache sense it happened and have been pretty stiff expecially my neck and shoulder area... At least I am in better shape then my poor car...